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Addicted to the Music

Why are we so crazy about Scotish and Irish Folk music? Don't we have a tradition of our own? No, we don't. There are a few slow traditionals; but we don't have a Folk music that is worth being mentioned. It is impossible to listen to "Volksmusik" on tv which is a cheap perversion, created in the firm belief that the old sentimental people who listen to this won't find out. It doesn't have traditional roots exept being march music pop.
There may be some more valuable music in Bavaria or in the North in the language platt; the latter are mostly new compositions.

What a treat to be listening to these musicians instead! Playing for their own pleasure and for the people in the pub. We witnessed sessions in "Sandy Bell's" and "The Royal Oak".
While it was raining, the window panes got steamed up. The musicians play together with people they know or others they have just met, and become friends while playing.

The Scotish Small Pipes are played with leather bellows, operated by arm pressure.

Live in Sandy Bell's

Live in the Royal Oak

I guess I don't have to translate this -- as long as it is not too small...