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There is no such thing as pubs in Germany.

What kind of equivalent do we have? We have "Kneipen", small rooms on streetcorners, generally places where alcoholics meet, where they get their dope, and where the atmosphere and tone are accordingly rough. This is a place where a lady doesn't go, especially not alone.

Then we have clubs, very often connected with sports clubs and other centers of kindred spirits. These can be places where working people meet, but also upper-class, as well, and mostly, they are exclusive.

Of course, we also have cafés, these are divided in old style places (vanishing rapidly) and new style coffee shops. Old ladies like me are rather expected to go into the old style cafés, and the young ones have their places.

Something we really lack is this open form of social meeting place, a healthy blend where alcoholics are a tolerated minority and rather try to adapt to the polite and friendly way that is mostly given by the host.

I guess I don't have to translate this -- as long as it is not too small...