My parents Mark und Maria.

He was a Student, she had passed the high school exam, when they first met. He fell in love instantly, she was still hesitating. She wanted to see the world and went to Hamburg for a year to learn household and economy. Here, she had the impression of an impending war. She asked her parents to allow her return home.

They got married in a hurry in order not to be separated.

Maria was fond of ships and travelling by boat; she was yearning for city life, elegance and Jazz

Mark was a highly intelligent, but shy young man, traumatized by a heavy childhood. In 1936, he was seen on horseback in the Army of the Estonian Republic.

Mark, who missed her terribly and complained about the long time of waiting between her letters, was being trained to be a reverend.

Hamburg 1938: Here our mother lived for about a year. Her mother had a friend with whom she corresponded. She wrote: "We'll have nothing good to expect from this Mr Hitler."
Mark started studying in Tartu (Dorpat) theology at the age of 17. He would have preferred to study German Literature and to be a teacher, but he was granted a scholarship for theology which meant freedom to him.